Acupuncture IS NOT Dry Needling. Dry Needling IS Acupuncture.
Read the differences in training/clinical hours below.

Acupuncture is ancient medicine.
It is a complex system developed over thousands of years which results in a comprehensive treatment. Acupuncture is an artform. It requires many years of training and, truly, a lifetime to Master.

In order to offer Acupuncture in the State of Colorado, a "LAc" practitioner must be NCCAOM Certified.
The Acupuncturist must pass three board exams, complete Clean Needle Technique Certification, CPR/First Aide Certification every 2 years, and 60 Hours of CE Requirements every 5 years.
Detailed below are the current educational requirements and training hours required to apply for a NCCAOM Certification and be a Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc) in the State of Colorado.

Minimum 3-Year Master degree

1905 Hours/ 105 Credits

Oriental Medicine/Acupuncture Theory

705 Hrs. / 47 credits

Acupuncture Clinic

660 Hrs. / 22 credits


450 Hrs. / 30 credits

Counseling, Communications, Ethics,
Practice Management

90 Hrs. / 6 credits


Dry needling is a limited form of Acupuncture offered by Physical Therapists and Chiropractors in which a needle is inserted into a "Trigger Point" to stimulate and release a muscle.
In Chinese medicine, these are called "Ashi" (pr. 'Au-sher') Points.

Although it is legal for a PT or Chiropractor to practice Dry Needling in many states, it is often provided with minimal training. Dry Needling is utilized as a Continuing Education class with the following requirements.

2-Day Onsite Course CEUs

10 online + 19 onsite = 29 total hours

3-Day Onsite Course CEUs

10 online + 27 onsite = 37 total hours


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We believe in the power of knowledge and choice. Puncturing the body with needles is a highly developed skill and should be completed only by a trusted and qualified practitioner.

Jennifer Davies has earned a Masters Degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with over 3,000 training hours, including 1,000 clinical hours. She has also completed thousands of hours in professional practice since 2014.