Spiritual Blessing and Distance Healing
 is Japanese for Rei and Ki.
Rei translates as Higher Intelligence or God that guides the creation and functioning of the universe.
It is a subtle wisdom that permeates everything and guides the evolution of all creation.
Ki is flowing energy, the controller of movement.
The Chinese often call it Qi or Chi.
It is the life force that gently moves the energy and fluid through the meridians to nourish one's body.
It is possible to increase our Ki by using breathing exercises and meditation. 
The Ancient Art of Reiki is designed to balance the receiver's energy for optimal health.

Distance and Surrogate Healing.
Energy Shifting can be facilitated even when the receiver can not be physically present.
There are many different ways to have this happen and all pathways required focused intention.

In-Person Energy Healing can be offered directly with the healing angels through Angel Connection. 
See your energy shift with  Aura Photos Before and After Treatment.